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Nic Rossmüller : November 4th 2006 - 12:00 CET

Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable battery

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SanyoSanyo Eneloop rechargeable battery : Sanyo Electric, the world leader in rechargeable batteries, announced a new next-generation nickel metal hydride battery ‘Eneloop’ to be sold from November 14, 2005. This is the first product based on Sanyo’s new vision, ‘Think Gaia’. Sanyo ‘Eneloop’ is a product that proposes a new lifestyle - one without disposing of batteries. Once charged, it can be used repeatedly, and once used completely, it can be recycled. To promote this kind of new battery lifestyle, Sanyo developed a world first rechargeable battery that can be used like a dry cell battery - ‘immediately after purchase’. Based on its new vision ‘Think Gaia’, Sanyo is simultaneously pursuing solutions for a comfortable living.
Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batterySanyo Eneloop - Dry cell batteries
Batteries have a property to release the stored energy in small amounts (this phenomenon is called ‘self-discharge’). This property is particularly noticeable in rechargeable batteries such as Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries etc. as compared to dry cell batteries, hence disabling rechargeable batteries from becoming batteries that ‘customers can use immediately after purchase’. For this reason, rechargeable batteries couldn’t be used unless charged after purchase and so lagged behind dry cells in convenience. This new product’s main property is that it has introduced great improvements in self-discharge properties (residual ratio after one year of non use is 85%, in temperature conditions of 20 degree Celsius according to Sanyo research). Through this breakthrough development, Sanyo has realized a rechargeable battery that can challenge dry cell batteries in user-friendliness through features such as making possible use immediately after purchase or once charged, its ability to be used anytime.

Eneloop rechargeable battery - Storage
As a next-generation rechargeable battery that can be ‘used immediately after purchase’, and once charged, ‘can be used anytime’, ‘Eneloop’ can be used in all devices that till date use dry cell batteries. Moreover, being rechargeable, ‘Eneloop’ can be used 1000 times over and without the need to dispose of the dry cell battery each time it is used up, it greatly reduces the troubles involved in the ‘storage and disposal of used dry cell batteries’. Consequently, it makes a remarkable contribution to the reduction of 70,000 tons of used dry cell batteries disposed annually in Japan alone.

Sanyo Eneloop batteries - Design
Being a rechargeable battery, ‘Eneloop’ has a proper structure for recycling organized by industry groups, unlike dry cell batteries. Once used, ‘Eneloop’ is collected, as rechargeable batteries have been, through prescribed recycle boxes installed at 30,000 electronics retailers throughout the country. Also, through an environment-friendly design, precious resources such as nickel etc. can be reused, thus contributing to efficient use and saving of resources.

Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable battery - Packaging
Sanyo has created a tube and external packaging that is free from polyvinyl chloride. The outside packaging made with careful regard to the environment uses recycled PET material and only this material, thus eliminating any hassles when separating garbage at the time of disposal. Moreover, with a whole new original design of the battery tube and package, the battery pack is bound to change your image of battery packaging. Bearing in mind the reusability of the battery, the revolutionary design of the package makes the storage of these batteries more convenient after it has been opened.

Sanyo rechargeable battery - Eneloop performance
‘Eneloop’ has been designed so as to extract a lot more power as compared to dry cell batteries. An experiment performed on Sanyo’s digital camera shows that using ‘Eneloop’ can take 4.4 times more pictures than a dry cell battery. Even under low temperature conditions (0 degree Celsius), when it is usually difficult for dry cell batteries to produce power, ‘Eneloop’ displays superior power characteristics and longer power, making it a natural choice for outdoor use at ski resorts etc. By recharging the ‘Eneloop’, it can be used 1000 times over and is comparatively more efficient economically than the use once and throw away dry cell batteries. Furthermore, the memory effect has only minor effects on the devices it is used on and hence can be used without worrying about the memory effect.

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